Freestanding Retail Displays

When you need to boost sales, build brand awareness or showcase seasonal products, freestanding displays from Streater are the answer. Our freestanding displays are built to give you endless customization options while being durable enough to withstand the rigors of everyday retail.

Featured Innovations

Flexible Tower

Capitalize on impulse shopping, showcase seasonal products or promote a new brand. The Flexible Tower can easily move throughout your store to take advantage of traffic patterns, evolving consumer shopping habits and in-store promotional needs. And because the Flexible Tower easily converts from shelving to pegs without tools, this fixture is versatile enough for use anywhere in your store.


  • Shifts from pegs to shelving – no tools required
  • Integrates with slat wall hooks or standard peg hooks
  • Optional lower storage
  • Eliminates the need for backroom fixture storage
  • Wheels lock in place for safety

Flexible Merchandising System

Get the ultimate in versatility with the patented Flexible Merchandising System. This freestanding retail display expands from four feet to 12 feet in 30 seconds – no tools required. With this adaptable system, you have the freedom to display anything you need – from seasonal items to impulse purchases. This merchandising system grows or shrinks so that you can solve your most pressing retail display challenges.


  • Accommodates a variety of standard shelf accessories, including bins and pegs
  • Storage for accessories is available in the unit
  • Fixtures have added capacity
  • Eliminates the need for backroom fixture storage
  • Wheels lock in place for safety

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